23: Quasi-Double Date

On this belated Valentine’s Day episode of Drinkin’ Buddies, Stoney brings a date and Anthony… doesn’t. Find out why with […]

22: Stoney Eats His Words

This week, Stoney voices his concerns about the new Trump administration, and later, the guys discuss the terrifying new VR-compatible […]

21: Vin Diesel: National Treasure

On this episode of Drinkin’ Buddies, the guys discuss the filmography of Vin Diesel, and later, Stoney recalls his experience […]

20: “I Got Socks.”

This week, Anthony and Stoney share their favorite Christmas gifts, and later, the guys fall down a Star Wars and […]

19: Somethin’ Goofy

On this episode of Drinkin’ Buddies, Anthony and Stoney talk holiday shopping and what they want for Christmas.

18: Jedi Mind Tricks

This week, the guys discuss the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” scandal, plus, the “best bar story you’ve ever […]