Popcorn Roulette is showing a selection of ten movies throughout the upcoming year in HC Media’s Studio 101.

On the last Friday of most months in 2019, at 7pm, Popcorn Roulette will be showing a selection of cult and independent movies with a focus on fun in HC Media’s state-of-the-art Studio 101, at 2 Merrimack St., inside the Pentucket Bank Plaza.

John-Michael Gariepy, the event organizer, and host of HC Media’s Popcorn Roulette show said, “This movie series is a great opportunity for greater Haverhill to get out and have fun while we share a love of movies with our neighbors. In our 2019 season, I’m planning to show Drumline, When Harry Met Sally, Space Jam, and The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. And the more I talk to potential attendees, the better understanding I’ll have as to what movies will work best further into the season.”

Previous movies shown in the 2018 season included Shaun of the Dead, Labyrinth, and Die Hard. Attendees played trivia and party games while they waited for showtime, and won movie memorabilia door prizes, such as a Die Hard coloring book, or Labyrinth goblin figurines after the movie.

According to Gariepy, “Haverhill took a hit with the loss of its Chunky’s movie theater. For the time being, greater Haverhill residents head to Methuen or Salisbury and pay $14 or more for a ticket–never mind the price for popcorn and a soda. Since we aren’t interested in making a profit, we only charge $3 a ticket and keep refreshments at reasonable convenience store prices to help defer our licensing costs. And unlike traditional movie theaters, our open studio encourages conversation and interaction among moviegoers both before and after the movie. The end result is attendees save a lot of money participating in a better overall experience, with great movies proven to withstand the test of time.”

To find out what movie is coming up next, go to PopcornRoulette.org. Or you can follow Popcorn Roulette by joining their Facebook group at Facebook.com/PopcornRoulette.


This press release was provided to HC Media by Popcorn Roulette. For more information on Popcorn Roulette and the 2019 movie series, click here.