“The film recapitulates a presentation made last year to a city planning committee appointed by Mayor James Fiorentini. And it is the type of program that helps define Haverhill Community Television (HCTV), which cablecast the film earlier this summer and now hosts it on its YouTube channel.

‘Our mission is to empower the community to make television programs,’ said HCTV executive director Darlene Beal when I interviewed her last week. ‘To tell their story to the community. In that sense, we feel like we mirror the community.’

Beal and I met in a conference room at her station’s headquarters, a large converted auto-repair shop in a residential neighborhood just north of the downtown. A 51-year-old Haverhill native and Boston University graduate, Beal has worked as HCTV’s executive director for most of her career. The operation is currently marking its 25th year as an independent nonprofit organization following several years as an appendage of the local cable company.”

Assessing Haverhill’s media (III): Public access
by Dan Kennedy
Media Matters
August 7, 2013

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