“When Matt Belfiore walked through the door 18 years ago, he sought a new adventure in his life, much like others who got their start here. He felt that maybe if he volunteered, the golden door of opportunity might open a crack.

The site was the Bradford College campus, just across from Denworth Hall. He did an internship with the TV station, then became a production assistant, program director and now operations manager. You can call it a job. More realistically, it’s become his passion.

‘When they moved that Lafayette statue from the rotary, I showed up with a camera on my shoulder,’ Belfiore recalled. ‘There was Barney Gallagher with his camera. I looked at the man and shook my head in amazement. After all these years, there was a guy known by his profession. I’d like to think of myself some day as the Barney Gallagher of Haverhill Community Television. I’ve pretty much done it all around here.'”

Dedication brings TV station 25 years of growth
by Tom Vartabedian
The Haverhill Gazette
March 13, 2014

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