“The internship program at NECC recently started up again this semester for Communications, Business, and CIS majors.
Sarah McCarthy, Chris Bowden and Brian Hough started as interns at HC Media, the local public access studio in Haverhill and were able to become permanent employees.

Internships open up opportunities for future employment by building up students’ resumes and providing students with important contacts and experience in their desired field of work.

McCarthy, who has been working at HC Media for 2 years, was one of the first students to do an internship at HC Media through NECC. She had been attending college at NEIA in Boston, but when it became too expensive, she came to NECC.
McCarthy had a background in film, so she decided to take both the TV Production and Video Production classes offered through NECC. She started volunteering at HC Media in 2012 and became an intern in 2013.”

Opening up doors for future employment
NECC Observer
February 19, 2015

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