We’re happy to announce that, beginning today, we’ll be publishing audio podcast versions of all three of the Haverhill Government Meetings we cover – Haverhill City Council, Haverhill School Committee, and Haverhill License Commission!

As we work towards assuring as many people as possible have access to this important coverage, all three meetings will be published the same day as the video version, within 24 hours of recording.

In addition to uploading these shows our website at http://HCMedia.TV, we’ve also created podcast-friendly feeds that will be made available to your player of choice, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast, and more. (It may take a few days for these feeds to starting showing up in across all services – hang tight!)

We’ve started off by uploaded the latest of each meeting, all of which are available now at the links below.

–Haverhill City Council:
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/category/podcasts/haverhill-city-council-audio-only (web link)
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/podcasts/HaverhillCityCouncil.xml (podcast RSS feed)

— Haverhill School Committee:
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/category/podcasts/haverhill-school-committee-audio-only (web link)
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/podcasts/HaverhillSchoolCommittee.xml (podcast RSS feed)

— Haverhill License Commission:
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/category/podcasts/haverhill-license-commission-audio-only (web link)
http://haverhillcommunitytv.org/podcasts/HaverhillLicenseCommission.xml (podcast RSS feed)