Every year on March 17th, the Irish and Irish at heart observe St. Patrick’s Day. Please join HC Media for a day of festive programming that will bring out the Irish in everyone! It begins at 10 am with the Haverhill Exchange Club’s LIVE 19th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, followed by the “From Ireland to Haverhill” marathon with our own Jay Cleary as your host. All programming will replay at 7 pm. ☘️☘️

10 a.m. : Haverhill Exchange Club’s LIVE 19th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
11:30 a.m.: Letters from Ireland with Patricia Trainer O’Malley.
12 p.m.: The Queen of Connemara with Phil Brown.
12:30 p.m.: Maggie Cline: The Peddler’s Daughter with Jack Lynch.
1 p.m.: The Ancient Order of Hibernians with Bob Gardella and Elinor C. Cameron
1:30 p.m.: From Ireland to Haverhill from Ireland –
Jay takes you on a trip to Kilkenny in 2004.
2 p.m.: Live Irish Music with Stormy Winds.
2:30 p.m.: The Irish, the Acre and St. James with Charlie Turner and Bob Gardella
3 p.m.: The story of Scagey Ryan with Ann Dorsey Euele.
3:30 p.m.: First Trip to Ireland: Faith Delaney and
Barney Gallagher compare their visits to Ireland.
4 p.m.: The St. James 1907 Souvenir Book with Bob Gardella.
4:30 p.m.: Sarah and her Mother visit Ireland:
Sarah Blackstone talks about her trip to Ireland.
5 p.m.: The Peddler’s Daughter Pub: Bill Ryan and Michael Connelly
talk about Irish immigration to the US in the 20th Century.