In honor of our armed forces, Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, will be devoted to commemorative programming on HC Media Channel 22.

Here is our programming schedule for the day:

7 a.m.: When I’m 64 — Day of Infamy with guest Robert Antell
7:30 a.m.: When I’m 64 —D-Day with guest John Rose, D-Day Veteran
8 a.m.: When I’m 64 — Long Escape with John Katsaros Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
9a.m.: When I’m 64 — Return to Normandy with guest John Rose, D-Day Veteran
9:30 a.m.: When I’m 64 —The Waves with guest Dorothy Bronchella
10 a.m.: When I’m 64 —The Marine Raiders with guest Pat Emiro
11 a.m.: When I’m 64 —Mrs. Glynn’s scrapbook with guests Martha MacDonald & Dorothy Bronchella
11:30 a.m.: When I’m 64 —Gaylord Whitney, Haverhill’s first WWII casualty with Liz Murphy
12 p.m.: When I’m 64 — War Hero Patrick Linehan with Leo Joubert
1 p.m.: When I’m 64 —South Pacific “Leathernecks” with Ken Killilea
1:30 p.m.: When I’m 64 —Battle of The Bulge with Jere Doyle
2:30 p.m.: When I’m 64 —Korean War “The Choisin Breakout” with Bob Merullo,U.S.M.C
3 p.m.: When I’m 64—Haverhill Korean War Memorial
3:30 p.m.: When I’m 64 —Nazi U-Boat Hunters with Leo Lacroix
4:30 p.m.: Haverhill Memorial Day Celebration
5 p.m.: I Get Around —Vietnam Moving Wall
5:30 p.m.: Haverhill Veterans Honor Roll