Shannon Keating, production assistant at HC Media, participated in the Northern Essex Community College Alumni Association panel discussion highlighting the college’s internship program.

Shannon spoke about HC Media’s burgeoning online radio station, HC Media Radio. “We have this wonderful symbiotic relationship with the unsigned musicians we work with,” said Keating. “HC Media Radio provides a platform for these artists to have their music heard on a much larger scale, and in return, HC Media Radio gets amazing content to share with the community. It’s a win-win.”

Shannon received her associate degree from Northern Essex Community College in Journalism/Communications in 2012 and began interning with HC Media in 2014. She completed her bachelor degree from Emerson College in 2016 where she majored in Communication Studies and minored in Comedy Writing and Performance.

HC Media is proud of interns, Cassie Ellson and Amanda Yell. Both were honored at the ceremony for completing the internship program this semester.