HC Media at Harbor Place is HC Media’s state-of-the-art location, located on the first floor of the Harbor Place building in downtown Haverhill. For more information, or if you require personal service, please contact Erinn Scott at 978-372-8070, or email escott@haverhillcommunitytv.org.

When it comes to Haverhill’s future, HC Media is helping lead the way. For over 45 years, the Woolworth building sat vacant and decaying right in the heart of our city, hindering growth and revitalization. But the Harbor Place project was a game changer. HC Media was the first organization to commit to purchasing space at Harbor Place, becoming a crucial component of its overall success. When the challenge was given, HC Media stepped up to make the most important investment in our organization’s history, and helped play a critical role in the most major development in downtown Haverhill in over 100 years with HC Media at Harbor Place.

So what is there to see at HC Media at Harbor Place? A state of the art training and video production facility, completely customized to meet the specific needs of our community. But that’s not all – we’ve also brought something to Downtown Haverhill that hasn’t been seen since the Paramount Theatre closed its doors in 1967 – a multipurpose venue that serves organizations, public speakers, musicians, artists – everybody and anybody who wishes to contribute to the emerging culture and excitement of our downtown.

This is HC Media at Harbor Place. Please take a look at our photo gallery below to take a peek at what others in our community are already doing in this space.

If you or your organization are interested in utilizing HC Media at Harbor Place, please review our User Agreement and download the Reservation Form below and return it completed to our 60 Elm Street, Haverhill location.

Photo Gallery

People and groups in our community have already begun doing exciting things here at HC Media Studio 101.

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