6Nothings Episode One – Did WWII Japan Ever Crack the Navajo Wind Talker Code?

This week’s links and show notes!:

From r/AskHistorians: How close was Japan to cracking Navajo code talkers? Was Japan aware Americans were using a Native American language as code?

How close was Japan to cracking Navajo code talkers? Was Japan aware Americans were using a Native American language as code?
by inAskHistorians

Ron is probably talking about the movie Windtalkers, starring Nicholas Cage and directed by John Woo.

The Wikipedia page that goes into a whole host of Code Talker languages and the conflicts they were used in:

Ron misspoke. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language, but Ron is talking about the ancient Egyptian language, or Coptic. We cover this error in episode two.

From the Verge: A smart toilet could identify you by your ‘analprint’ and detect diseases

From Popular Mechanics: Airships Haven’t Been Able to Get Back Up Off the Ground—Until Now

Also from Popular Mechanics: Hero Creates AI Doppelgänger of Himself to Get Out of Zoom Video Meetings

‘Burning Man’ Festival in Nevada Cancelled This Year, Will Move Online

The Burning Man Multiverse in 2020

The book we’re talking about is ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Konda. You can now read it in manga form.

NASA contemplates turning a moon crater into a giant, powerful telescope

Ron thought there were a great number of satellites orbiting the Moon, but my quick research online tells me that this probably isn’t the case. By this Wikipedia article’s count there are five: three from the U.S., one from China, and one from India. Many more were deactivated or lost signal some time in the 60s or 70s.

Sneaky seventh article from IFLScience.com: This Is The First-Ever Detection Of Jets Emerging From Colliding Galaxies

Interested in finding out more about the James Webb Space Telescope? Here’s the Wikipedia page:

Ron also talks about Lagrange points. Here’s a link so you might get a better understanding of how they work.

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