April 21, 2016 – Moe Bergeron

Moe Bergeron of Lawrence, MA, is husband to Karen, a father of 5, grandfather to 10, a lithographer, website developer, and missionary. Knowing the communications potential of the internet long before most knew of its existence, in becoming a Christian, he developed and executed a plan to freely communicate the good news of Christ which has profound and long-term worldwide impact. A voracious reader, Moe, a non-seminarian, is an ordained minister, and pastors Sovereign Grace Fellowship Church in, Boscawen, NH. He and Rick also speak about his conversion to Christ, feeding on God’s Word, the priesthood of believers, the growth of the church in New England over more than four decades, and rest for the weary and burdened in Jesus Christ. – This description was provided by the program’s associate producer.