Episode 1: Heaventown Acoustic Series Show

On our very first episode of Heaventown Radio Show we’re bringing you an audio snapshot from the Heaventown Acoustic Series Show that took place at the Chit Chat this past August.

The Acoustic Series Show is a monthly event that we run featuring local low key talent from all over the Merrimack Valley, Boston, Seacoast Area, including touring musicians passing though as well. We invite all these folks to play at these elaborate DIY stages that we create and light ourselves using mostly found materials with a different theme that changes every couple months. 

If you like what you hear check the links below and check the Heaventown Haverhill Facebook page to find our next event!

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Musician Links:

Henry Kuck

Sonny Jim Clifford

Conor Ryan Hennessy


Olivia Rieser