Episode 3: 10/23/15 Acoustic Series Show

Here’s a little mixtape from our October Heaventown Acoustic Series Show. Enjoy!

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Check out Tristan Omand’s Greta Session here:

::10/23/15 Acoustic Series Show::

Ery Cedeno
Reverbnation – rvrb.fm/1jjpMxw

Mark Aleo
Facebook – on.fb.me/1P9i8CJ

Ryan Sawyer
Facebook – Division Tree

Justin Chadbourne Music
Facebook – on.fb.me/1RBxCOn

Tristan Omand
Bandcamp – bit.ly/1PoM6lc

The Grebes
YouTube – bit.ly/1L6Jtl1

Photo Cred- Shivohn Kacy Fleming Photography