First Blood: Maybe Let Rambo Keep His Knife, On Popcorn Roulette

AKA “Escalation: the Movie”. John Rambo is just your ordinary green beret killing machine out for a lovely walk through the Washington countryside when a local sheriff suggests he should take a bath, and maybe use a smaller knife to hunt. The result? The town of Hope, Washington descends into a chaotic night of total war.

Austin Sharpe and I sneak a couple chocolate shakes (frappes?) onto the set and praise an actor who only ever mumbles his lines. You think this introduction is over? It’s never over! You don’t just turn it on and off! Now if you don’t mind, I need to whittle spikes for a massive tiger trap, in case the National Guard decides to bazooka my home on charges of vagrancy.

On the difference between a shake and a frappe: In New England, traditional ice cream shops call milk blended with ice cream a ‘frappe’, while milk blended with syrup would be called a ‘milkshake’. This can cause headaches when a non-local comes into town asking for a milkshake, and getting a chocolate milk.

The words make sense, since ‘frappĂ©’ and ‘shake’ do a good job explaining how you prepare the two drinks. But the language that the rest of the country uses is catching up with us. Modern shops will sometimes call a frappe a shake, adding to the general confusion. For more, see:

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