The Haverhill Journal – October 26, 2017 – NECC Spurk Building Renovation, Pentucket-Haverhill Marker Restoration, Housing Shortage

Transformations are going on all around us in our city! First, all those who travel on Mill Street, have you noticed the total restoration of the PENTUCKET-HAVERHILL MARKER? Once hidden by years of overgrowth, it now shines for all to see. Hear the story of how it happened! And, at 46 years old, NECC’s gloriously renovated SPURK BUILDING has just reopened to the cheers of students and staff alike. Come along on a tour to see the impressive results. And, HAVERHILL’S HOUSING MARKET has undergone a radical transformation in the past 10 years. As supply shrinks and prices rise, what’s a home-seeker to do? We interview the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission about their new Regional Housing Plan. All today on the Haverhill Journal!

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