HC Media Stay-at-Home Video Making Guide

Making videos at home doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our official HC Media
Stay-at-Home programming guide can help you get your message to the community in
the midst of this time of isolation. We encourage you to keep creating content from
home and let us help you continue to put your voice out there! Here’s how you can
create a video at home and get it into our hands.

1. First you’ll need a Google account. If you don’t have one, it’s free and easy to
use. Just go to Google.com and click “Sign in.” Then choose “Use another
Account” and then “Create Account” and you’ll be ready in no time.

2. Make your show. Here’s some tips on how to create a quality show from the
comfort of your own home.

a. Set up your smartphone or digital camera on a stabilized surface or use a
tripod. If using your phone, make sure you rotate the phone horizontally.

b. Don’t film with your back to a window. Instead, position the camera in front
of the window or in front of your main source of light and use its natural
light to hit your face.

c. If you’re able to attach a microphone to your camera, do so. Otherwise, sit
as close as you can to the camera to ensure the best quality of captured
audio. Quality audio is the most important part of making your video.

d. If using your phone, most headphones also have a built in mic that will
work just fine.

e. Make sure you’re looking directly into the camera if you are talking to your
audience, speak slowly, and articulate.

f. Do your best to create the video in one take so that it will require little to
no editing. Write a script, and take your time. If you mess up, it’s okay, just
include it in your email notes when you send it to us.

3. Once you have completed your video, take the file from your phone or your
camera’s card and put it on your computer. If you are unsure how to do this,
search online for your specific camera or phone and you will find many tutorials
and resources to help you.

4. While logged into your new Google account, click on the square dots icon in the
top right corner. Then click on Drive. Think of Drive as your personal hard drive.
It works the same way, it just lives on the internet.

5. A new window will open. In the top left hand corner, click “New” and then select
“File Upload.” Your computer will open a search screen for you to locate your
finished file.

6. Select the file of the completed video you just made and click “Open” if you’re on
a Mac or “Ok” if you’re on a PC. The file will then begin uploading to your Google
Drive. You can walk away and watch TV or tend to the family pet, just don’t close
that internet tab until it’s done uploading.

7. Finally, once the file is uploaded, to get it to HC Media, right-click on the file in
your Google Drive and click “Share”

8. In the email section, write info@haverhillcommunitytv.org, Below, in the Notes
box, put your full name, phone number, show title, and show length, along with
anything else we need to know about your program, for example, any editing that
needs to be done, etc. Then click “Send.”

That’s it! We are limiting show uploads to one submission per week. Remember, all
rules about Call to Action are still the same – so no selling stuff! All programs are subject
to review and may be cleared by an HC Media staff person.

We hope you’ll take part in our HC Media Stay-at-Home programming series.

If you have any questions, you can email Chris at cbowden@haverhillcommunitytv.org or Lindsay at lparis@haverhillcommunitytv.org

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