June 9, 2016 – David Thomas

Rick interviews David Thomas, Pastor of First Congregational Church of Kingston, NH. They discuss Mr. Thomas’s long career in church ministry and as a board member and administrator of Bethany Community Services, a pioneering Merrimack Valley organization providing housing and many more services to senior citizens.
Pastor Thomas speaks of his church denomination and of his church, which has campuses in Kingston and Newton, and along the way, tells of being a “PK” and a “PB” and living his life as a pilgrimage.
He addresses pastors on the value of mentoring and seminars, and on the practice of pastoral ministry, including his non-negotiable basics and personal customs. He gives sage advice regarding the dangers of pastors comparing their ministerial “success” to that of other pastors, the importance of recognizing personal gifts and weaknesses while recognizing the gifts of others in the church, the importance planning and setting goals and developing rhythms in their schedules, and the essential practice of taking care of their physical, mental and spiritual health with an eye to long and fruitful service and planning for the succession of another to their position when the time comes.
And there’s much more…

First Congregational Church of Kingston: www.kingstonfcc.org
Pastor David Thomas: david@kingstonfcc.org

–This program description written by an HC Media member, Faith in Haverhill’s associate producer.

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