Popcorn Roulette: Cry Baby – John Waters & Secret Suburbia Subversion

John Waters, that loveable scamp and master of camp, brings his own twist and shout to the ’50s greaser meets preppy girl who wants to be bad meets musical doo-wop gore. Can true love succeed? Is it weird to drink your own tears? Is the key to get out of jail to get grammy to flirt with the judge?

Starring Johnny Depp, who didn’t want to be typecast as just another pretty boy. So from this movie on, he became a pretty weirdo. Also with Amy Locane, Ricki Lake, Traci Lordes, and Kim McGuire, Cry Baby is so good, it’s bad. Which I think is good. Though that might be bad. I’m really having a hard time figuring out what’s good and bad anymore guys.

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